Intelliquis PC software confronts Y2K bug

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Intelliquis PC software confronts Y2K bug

A new software program by Intelliquis, called FIX Y2K, promises to address the Year 2000 problem for PC users.

The program is designed to be quick and easy: Consumers insert the disc into the computer, and the software does the rest. The program begins by fixing hardware problems at the level of the CMOS, BIOS and RTC clock before moving on to software fixes. In the software, FIX Y2K repairs commands in the code, enabling applications to process dates after the year 2000.

FIX Y2K is designed to be a permanently installed program that will correct any Year 2000 date problems in the PC for the lifetime of the computer. The product will be shown at COMDEX later this month.

The company’s web site is at


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