HP picks TNT for Pavilion PC

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HP picks TNT for Pavilion PC

NVIDIA Corp.’s RIVA TNT 3D graphics processor will be offered as an option in the HP Pavilion PC build-to-order program.

Hewlett-Packard Co. has chosen the RIVA TNT-based Viper V550 from Diamond Multimedia Systems to be made available to customers that order PCs at Circuit City retail stores through an electronic kiosk.

Circuit City customers can personalize their PCs by choosing their own configuration of graphics accelerator, CPU, memory, disk space, CD-ROM or DVD drive, monitor and other accessories. The build-to-order method also allows consumers to design their HP Pavilion PCs to fit within a specific budget by enabling them to view the prices of their customized PCs before submitting their orders.

Diamond’s Viper V550 retail configuration, available in AGP 2X and PCI versions, features NVIDIA’s RIVA TNT processor, the first single-chip 128-bit 3D processor able to process two pixels per clock cycle, providing true single-pass multi-texturing for enhanced 3D realism. Scaleable resolution support of up to 1920-by-1200, ultra-fast fill rates up to 180 million pixels-per-second and an enhanced dual 32-bit color 3D pipeline all contribute to the Viper V550’s performance and visual output quality.

The Viper V550 sells stand-alone for $149.95 through retail stores and from Diamond’s Online Store at http://www.diamondmm.com.