Actiontec ships mini-PCI combo cards

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Actiontec ships mini-PCI combo cards

Actiontec Electronics has announced availability of the industry’s first combination modem/Network Interface Card based on the new Mini-PCI form factor.

Using the company’s own PCI-to-PCI bridge chip, the tiny new card can be plugged directly onto the system board of notebook computers. The new Mini-PCI Combo Card combines a high performance 32-bit 10/100BaseTX Ethernet LAN interface with a 56k-capable V.90 modem based on Actiontec’s DataLink V.90/K56flex Fax/Modem.

The Mini-PCI card eliminates the need of users to sacrifice a valuable PC card slot to stay connected to their corporate LAN or to the Internet. At only 1.8-by-2.75-by-0.22 inches the new card is smaller than an ordinary credit card.

The mini-PCI specification is the result of collaboration among leading computer companies and suppliers including Compaq, Dell, Gateway, Hitachi, IBM, Micron and Toshiba.

Actiontec can be reached via the Internet at