CD-R drive doubles buffer, playback speed

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CD-R drive doubles buffer, playback speed

Distributor Smart and Friendly Inc. has introduced the next-generation version of its CD-SpeedWriter CD-R drive, offering 4x recording speed to enable a user to record a CD in as little as 17 minutes.

In addition, the CD-SpeedWriter Plus adds rewritability, so that disks can be used again and again. With its 24x playback speed, the CD-SpeedWriter Plus can play discs at twice the speed of its predecessor. Its high-speed data transfer helps expedite such processes as installing software from a CD or searching for files or data on a CD-ROM disc.

The drive’s standard ATAPI (EIDE) interface simplifies installation. A 2MB internal buffer reduces the risk of failed recordings that can result from hard drive performance problems and small buffers.

The internal version of the CD-SpeedWriter Plus, available now, has an estimated street price of $249. An external SCSI version of the CD-SpeedWriter Plus will have an estimated street price of $349 when it starts shipping in May 1999.

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