Edison to show 400MHz K6-2 notebook

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Edison to show 400MHz K6-2 notebook

At Spring Comdex in Chicago next week, Thomas A. Edison Inc. will show its IdeaBook 4400 – a high-performance notebook PC that uses the ZIF Socket 7 to accommodate a 400MHz AMD K6-2 CPU.

The IdeaBook line is designed for upgradability using plug-in CPUs, standard 144-pin DIMMs for memory, Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports, Card-Bus and Zoom Video support, and a 24X CD-ROM with 3D sound.

Edison will build the IdeaBook to order with several choices of CPUs, memory, video displays, and other options. In addition to AMD’s K6-2 technology, models will be available with Intel Pentium II mobile processor.

The $1,599 base system comes with AMD’s 300MHz K6-2, 32MB of SDRAM DIMMs, a 2.1GB IDE drive, a 24X CD-ROM, a 13.1″ XGA TFT display, and Windows 98.

A loaded system, for $1,995, comes with AMD’s 400MHz K6-2, 64MB of SDRAM, 14.2″ XGA TFT display, 4GB hard drive, 56K internal fax/modem, and Windows 98.

Standard features on all IdeaBook models include two 144-pin SDRAM DIMM sockets with memory expandable to 128MBs; 512K of synchronous pipeline cache; 128 bit VGA controller on PCI Local Bus architecture, 87-key Windows 95 keyboard with touchpad pointing device, AC adapter, and Lithium-Ion battery supply. To cool the system, Edison integrates a specially designed intake fan and heat sink assembly.

Edison’s web site is http://www.taedison.com