Sega sets U.S. price, launch date for Dreamcast

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Sega sets U.S. price, launch date for Dreamcast

Videogame maker Sega of America has revealed the price and launch date for the much-anticipated Dreamcast game machine in the United States.

Sega Dreamcast will launch in the U.S. on Sept. 9, 1999 at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $199.

This will be the first time that a next-generation video game console will ship for less than $200 at launch.

Sega officials confirmed that there will be 10 to 12 titles available at launch, and more than 20 additional Sega titles on track for the year 2000. These games, combined with numerous other third-party titles that are currently being developed, will bring the total Dreamcast game library count to more than 100 next year.

Dreamcast offers advanced 128-bit architecture, and is the most powerful video game console Sega has ever created. It is 15 times more powerful than a Sony PlayStation, ten times more powerful than a Nintendo 64 and has four times the graphics processing power of the fastest Pentium II processor. In addition, Dreamcast is the first console to utilize hand-held gaming through its Visual Memory Unit (VMU), which allows players to swap games with friends in the home, arcade or head-to-head using two VMUs.

Dreamcast is also the first console to offer Internet capability. The 56K modem will give the system full networked functionality, allowing consumers to play games over the Internet and giving them access to Internet capabilities, including e-mail, chat and web browsing.

Sega of America’s web site is located at