MAG launches Verity 8000 notebook

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MAG launches Verity 8000 notebook

MAG Portable Technologies has shipped its Verity 8000 series notebook computers.

The Verity 8000 series offers either 14.1″ or 15″ active matrix screen, and either 300MHz Celeron or 366MHz Pentium II processor, with integrated cache for better performance.

The Verity 8436CDT and 8536CDT feature the 366MHz Mobile Pentium II processor with 256K of L2 cache. The Verity 8430CDT and 8530CDT feature the 300MHz Celeron processor with 128K of L2 cache.

The Verity 8000 Series are available now built-to-order and configured-to-order through MAG Portables’ resellers and mail order retailers.

Prices range from $2,299 for the Verity 8430CDT with 300-MHz Celeron and 14.1″ display to $3,099 for a Verity 8536CDT with 366-MHz Pentium II and a 15″ display.

The company’s web site is at


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