Imation unveils ultra-fast CD-R, CD-RW drives

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Imation unveils ultra-fast CD-R, CD-RW drives

Imation has launched its CD-R Super Recorder 8×20 and CD-RW Super Recorder 4x4x20.

Imation’s CD-R Super Recorder offers ultra-fast 8X write and 20X read speeds – fast enough to be used as a primary CD-ROM drive.

The $699 drive ($799 external drive) includes one Imation CD-R 8X blank disk, and is available for both PC- and Macintosh-compatible systems.

Offering a 20X read speed, the CD-RW Super Recorder features a 4X write and rewrite speed. The $399 drive comes with a full suite of recording, backup and archiving software, one Imation CD-R blank disk and one CD-RW blank disk.

Additional information about Imation is available at