IBM’s intros ‘transformer’ ThinkPad

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IBM's intros 'transformer' ThinkPad

IBM is billing its new ThinkPad 570 as the first of a new breed of “transformer” systems that instantly converts from a desktop-replacement notebook PC into a thin and light ultraportable.

The 7-pound notebook features a full-size, full-stroke keyboard, 13.3- or 12.1″ TFT display, Intel Mobile Pentium II processors as fast as 366MHz, up to 6.4 GB hard disk drive, 64MB of RAM, 56K modem and all standard ports.

In an instant, the notebook’s keyboard and screen assembly pops out and “transforms” into a 3.5-pound ultraportable.

The ThinkPad 570 line is optimized for the Intel Mobile Pentium II processors at speeds of 366MHz, 333MHz and 300MHz, support for AGP and integrated software-enabled DVD (with optional DVD Drive).

ThinkPad 570 models ship with Microsoft Windows 98, Windows 95 or Windows NT.

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