LightWork creates new 3D software consumers

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LightWork creates new 3D software consumers

LightWork Design Inc.’s new Kazoo family of software technologies and services is geared to provide a new experience with interactive and creative 3D, allowing users to easily interact with high-quality 3D models.

Kazoo users can create artistic images in a range of styles, such as cartoon, pen and ink, watercolor, mosaic and charcoal.

The software provides foundation 3D rendering for consumer-level applications. The product family includes Kazoo Viewer, Kazoo Encoder, Kazoo Toolkit, and Kazoo Style Packs.

The Kazoo Viewer provides users with a range of artistic styles, including real, cartoon, oil painting and hand drawn, and controls to customize each style. Kazoo Encoder converts 3D models into the Kazoo file format. Kazoo Toolkit is a collection of high-level software components for software developers. Kazoo Style Packs are collections of artistic styles, delivered to Kazoo users’ desktops by web download.

The Kazoo Web site at