Compaq introduces new Deskpro PCs

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Compaq introduces new Deskpro PCs

Compaq Computer Corp. has added three new systems to its EP Series family of Deskpro PCs.

The new models include a 400MHz Pentium II tower system with 32MB of RAM, 4.3GB hard drive, and a 17″ S700 color monitor, offered at $1369.

The two other systems include a 500MHz Pentium III processor, 64MB RAM, and a 10GB hard drive. One comes with a 17″ S700 color monitor and is priced at $2069. The other includes a network interface card and 15″ V500 color monitor, for a price of $2249.

All three systems are equipped with the Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT operating systems. More information about the Deskpro systems can be found at