AMI’s MegaPlex II houses four Pentium II/II Xeons

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AMI's MegaPlex II houses four Pentium II/II Xeons

American Megatrends Inc.has released a high-performance quad Pentium II/III Xeon motherboard.

The MegaPlex II provides four slot 2 Quad Pentium II/III Xeon processors, 4GB main memory support, one ISA slot, and seven full-length PCI slots. Several different case configurations are available for the MegaPlex II, or it may be purchased as a stand-alone product.

The MegaPlex II is intended to compete with Quad boards such as Intel’s SC450NX motherboard. The key differentiator is MegaPlex II’s implementation of the full 450NX PCI set, enabling support of four peer-to-peer PCI buses, including one true 64-bit PCI bus.

The AMI board also includes integrated I/O and video with 2MB of SGRAM. The MegaPlex II utilizes AMI Server Manager, a tool that performs local and remote management for key server performance and health parameters. It provides a remote connection to servers from any terminal/client system and monitors system health, reports system critical events logged by the system BIOS, provides an integrated user interface, alert redirection, and management of on-equipment display devices.

The MegaPlex II includes the AMIBIOS with ACPI, DMI and Plug-n-Play compliance, USB, SMBIOS, APM, CD-ROM, Floptical and Zip drive support, and 256K GPNVRAM support.

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