$299 WEBzter PCs entice web surfers

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$299 WEBzter PCs entice web surfers

Microworkz.com Computer Corp. and EarthLink have joined forces to offer a year of free Internet service to WEBzster PC customers.

Currently, all WEBzter machines come with a V.90 modem, sound card, video card, keyboard and mouse, plus a one-year hardware warranty. The model prices range between $299 to $699.

With this latest partnership, purchasers of WEBzter computers will also be given a complimentary year of Earthlink’s Internet access service, which EarthLink values at $240. EarthLink’s service includes a 6MB Web site and a free Web site creation tool.

When WEBzter customers first turn on their machine, they can automatically register for the free service. Owners will not be charged anything for a full year and will be notified in advance when the free service is coming to an end.

More information about the WEBzster PC can be found at www.WEBzterpc.com. EarthLink’s web site is located at www.earthlink.net.