Intel speeds up Celeron

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Intel speeds up Celeron

Intel has introduced a 466MHz Celeron along with a new chipset, the 810 formerly known as “Whitney.”

Together, the new silicon is intended to bring increased performance and capabilities to the sub-$1,000 “value PC” market.

Thel 810 chipset integrates 3-D AGP graphics and Dynamic Video Memory technology, and enables software-based audio, modem and DVD capabilities. The design is targeted at providing higher levels of performance for low-cost PCs, while integrating capabilities that would otherwise require dedicated hardware add-in cards.

In addition, the Intel 810 chipset features Instantly Available PC technology, which allows computers to quickly resume operation with low levels of power, and Intel Accelerated Hub Architecture, which doubles the size of the communications channel within the chipset for better multimedia performance.

The Intel 810 chipset does not support the ISA bus, which Intel now officially calls “outdated legacy technology,” stating that its removal improves reliability and ease-of-use.

The 466MHz Celeron joins the existing family of 433, 400, 366 and 333MHz chips. Available in Plastic Pin Grid Array (PPGA) packaging in 1,000-unit quantities, the 466MHz Celeron is priced at $169.

Three versions of the Intel 810 chipset will ship in June: the 810DC100, capable of interfacing with 4MB of optional display cache, for $32; the 810 chipset for $29.50; and the Intel 810-L chipset, a reduced cost version, for $25.50.

Complete benchmark information for Celeron processors is posted at