Top UK PC maker bundles 3dfx Voodoo3

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Top UK PC maker bundles 3dfx Voodoo3

Evesham Micros, the leading UK PC manufacturer, plans to include 3dfx Interactive’s Voodoo3 technology as a standard feature in its EveshamVale Scorcher and Platinum range of PCs.

The new Voodoo3 3000 AGP card is capable of delivering more than 100 billion operations per second.

Standard features of the Scorcher-DVD platform include a DVD-ROM drive and the 16MB Voodoo3 card. The Platinum Voodoo3

Live! system also offers a choice of processors, starting with the 400MHz Pentium II, and includes the Creative Labs PC Works FourPoint Surround speaker system. The Platinum Voodoo3 Ultra model features either a 500MHz or 550MHz Pentium III Xeon processor.

More information on the Voodoo graphics technology is available online at Evesham maintains a web site at


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