Intel 752 chip delivers more graphics

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Intel 752 chip delivers more graphics

Intel Corp. has announced a new addition to the Intel Graphics Technology (IGT) family, the Intel 752 graphics accelerator chip.

Optimized for the Intel Pentium III processor and Streaming SIMD Extensions, the new chip is designed for the acceleration of Internet graphics .

Features of the chip include a 16 tap anisotropic filter, ability to do emboss bump mapping, texture compression and texture compositing.

Accepted input sources include VCR, camcorder, TV tuner, MPEG-2 and Web video streams.

Hardware-based motion compensation allows for the acceleration of software DVD.

The 752 chip features the Intel Scalable Graphics Architecture, which provides a common graphics instruction set, as well as software compatibility, with all the products in the IGT family, including the new Intel 810 chipset.

Volume production is scheduled to begin in early June.

More information about Intel is available at