Armada to scale Mount Everest

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Armada to scale Mount Everest

Three Compaq Armada 7400 Series notebook PCs will accompany a team of scientists who plan to climb Mount Everest.

The climbers are health-science experts who are studying the the challenges of human survival in extreme and remote environments, as part of the Everest Extreme Expedition (E399).

The mission of the six-week expedition is to push the limits of equipment and technology that will accompany astronauts to the International Space Station, as well as to explore approaches to healthcare delivery here on Earth.

The Armada units will be used for tasks such as data compilation, IP videoconferencing, and e-mail.

According to an expedition member, the Armada PCs were tested in a U.S. Army environmental chamber simulating up to 18,000 feet of altitude – which is equal to the base camp of Mount Everest – and down to a temperature of minus-30 degrees F.

The notebook computers reportedly passed “without a hiccup.” Details about the E399 expedition can be found at

The team departed for Nepal on April 21st.