VLSI audio chip to star on 3D gamer card

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VLSI audio chip to star on 3D gamer card

VLSI Technology Inc.’s ThunderBird Q3D PCI audio accelerator chip, jointly developed with QSound Labs Inc., will be featured in Labway Corp.’s Thunder 3D sound card.

The first member of Labway’s new Xwave family of high performance PC sound products, the Thunder 3Dwill be showcased at the Computex computer trade show in Asia this June.

The ThunderBird Q3D is designed to combine superior hardware acceleration with effective two-speaker 3D sound, and quadraphonic playback of both 3D and stereo applications, including music, movies, and games.

ThunderBird Q3D incorporates QSound’s Q3Dinteractive two-speaker 3D, which eliminates the need for cross-talk cancellation resulting in an expansive audio “sweet spot.” The 3D experience is further enhanced with QSound Environmental Modeling for EAX game compatibility.

Multichannel speaker support renders 3D applications, multichannel recordings, along with 2D games, stereo music CDs, MIDI files, MP3 music, cut scenes and movies in quadraphonic sound.

For more information, visit Labway’s homepage at http://www.labway.com.tw, or Qsound’s web site at http://www.qsound.com.