MS lab blesses DVD playback software for Riva TNT

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MS lab blesses DVD playback software for Riva TNT

InterVideo’s WinDVD software DVD player for NVIDIA’s Riva TNT 3D processor has received Windows Hardware Quality Labs certification for high quality, full-frame-rate, software-enabled DVD playback.

This new DVD software playback solution is the first to successfully pass Microsoft’s rigorous test requirements and achieve the WHQL logo of certification for the Riva TNT, according to the companies.

The WHQL certification was run on a Micron Millennia 450MHz Pentium II system.

WinDVDeatures an intuitive user interface, software video window scaling, software and hardware sub-picture alpha blending, software video signal de-interlacing, and software color and brightness control.

WinDVD includes support for VCD disk and MP3 audio file playback, and DVD region control.

Microsoft’s WHQL tests are designed to ensure software DVD players offer a compliant implementation of DirectShow APIs, support for a proper DVD navigation and a bug-free user experience.

Unlike competitive solutions that require the use of proprietary hardware implementations for DVD playback, the companies claim that the WinDVD and RIVA TNT combination is a standards-based solution that has been optimized to ensure high quality DVD playback.

WinDVD supports a range of industry-standard DVD APIs, including DirectShow, DirectDraw and DirectSound, and is compatible with the MCI interactive title standard.

In addition, InterVideo has an application interface layer to allow WinDVD to quickly support any graphics adapter with DVD hardware-assist features, such as motion compensation and IDCT.

InterVideo’s homepage is at