High-end memory targets gamers

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High-end memory targets gamers

Enhanced Memory Systems is hoping that its new 64MB and 128MB PC-133 high-speed SDRAM (HSDRAM) DIMM modules will attract the attention of computer gamers and other users of high-performance computers.

Now beginning production, these memory modules conform to the proposed JEDEC PC-133 SDRAM timing specification, but provide lower latency and faster clock access times. The faster modules allow existing 100MHz SDRAM motherboards to clock the front side bus as fast as 150MHz under some conditions.

The new HSDRAM DIMM modules are available through the company’s Web storefront, www.pc133memory.com, and will also be available to OEMs through the company’s sales representatives. Enhanced Memory Systems plans to follow-up with faster PC-166 64MB ESDRAM products sometime next year.