Micron to standardize on Riva TNT

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Micron to standardize on Riva TNT

Micron Electronics Inc. is planning to standardize graphics processors across all Millennia desktop systems using Nvidia Corp.’s TNT2 graphics technology.

Currently, the Nvidia Riva TNT 3D graphics processor is an option available on all Millennia systems. Micron plans to make the 16MB Nvidia Riva TNT2 graphics processor standard in the Millennia systems later this year and offer the 32MB Nvidia TNT2 graphics processor as an upgrade option.

The Nvidia processors are integrated into the Viper V770 16MB and 32MB graphics accelerators produced by Diamond Multimedia Systems.

The Riva TNT2 3D graphics processor features 32-bit color rendering, a 32-bit Z-buffer, and up to 32MB of frame buffer. Its TwiN Texel Architecture can fill 350 million pixels per second, rendering up to 10 million triangles per second. Like all Nvidia processors, it is optimized for both Direct3D and OpenGL.

Nvidia and Micron’s web sites are located at www.nvidia.com and www.micronpc.com.


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