PCI card upgrades in a snap

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PCI card upgrades in a snap

PC users now have the option of upgrading their computers using the AcceleraPCI platform, a PCI card developed by Evergreen Technologies Inc.

Using the AcceleraPCI, formerly called EclipsePCI, users can upgrade from an Intel Pentium processor-based PC to a Pentium II processor architecture without having to swap out the motherboard or most other PC components, such as the chassis.

The AcceleraPCI does not require any software drivers or operating system modifications. Nor will the user need to reload OS or application software, which would be required after a motherboard replacement. The AcceleraPCI card fits into a PCI slot, and the upgrade is effective after the installation and a PC reboot.

The AcceleraPCI incorporates the Intel 440 ZX chipset and the latest Socket-370 CPU interface. Currently, users can upgrade to any 333MHz to 466MHz Intel Celeron processor, with 32MB to 256MB of high-speed PC66 and PC100 SDRAM memory.

Evergreen is selling the AcceleraPCI, without the CPU and memory, for $199.

Evergreen says the current platform will address 90 percent of the installed base of Pentiums. The company plans to release a second model in Q3, 1999 to target power users and high-end gamers. A third model, to be released in Q4, 1999, will be specifically designed for PCs with Via, UMC, Opti and Compaq custom chipsets.

Benchmarks and details about the AcceleraPCI can be found at www.evertech.com.


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