Bangladeshi to publish CIH cure

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Bangladeshi to publish CIH cure

A 21-year-old Bangladeshi student says he has written a program that can quickly revive computers crippled by the CIH, or “Chernobyl,” virus.

The CIH virus strikes on the 26th of each month, but a partcularly virulent strain occurs annually on April 26, commemorating the anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

Last week, the virus swept through parts of Asia and Europe, corrupting BIOS and disk data on more than 500,000 PCs.

Monirul Islam Sharif, a student in Dhaka University’s Computer Science department, says he has invented a fix. Called “MRECOVER” after himself, he told Reuters he has successfully applied it to cure several computer plagued by the Chernobyl virus.

“A friend had asked me to do something to help recover his lost data following the CIH attack,” Sharif said. “I found that my formula was able to recover his lost data. I tried once again with another damaged hard disk drive and applied the same formula, which also worked.”

The student says he plans to post the code on the Internet. The full story is posted at