Nat-Semi / Cyrix stop MII

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Nat-Semi / Cyrix stop MII

As relesed today National Semiconductor is going to stop MII production right away. In addition to that it was also announced, that the MII related parts of the fab in Maine will be sould as well as all the rights with MII. In addition 550 people will be laied off.

The socket based PC-processor bussiness caused losses all over the past quarters and therefore will be sold.

It is not a sale of Cyrix but only the MII related pieces. Nat Semi will carry on producing and developing the Media GX processors.

This decision also means the end to all plans concerning the socket 370 CPU by Cyrix that should be announced in June or July.

Stock exchange reacted heavy on that announcement, that will bring about $ 250 Million to Nat-Semi. Quotes went up around 14% so far.