Aavid offers heat sink for sub-$1000 PCs

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Aavid offers heat sink for sub-$1000 PCs

Aavid Thermal has announced the expansion of its family of thermal solutions for sub-$1000 PCs.

Designed for maximum cooling performance in minimal configurations, Aavid’s new thermal solutions feature cross-cut cooling fins that allow omni-directional airflow and fans that meet and exceed industry requirements for performance, cost, reliability, and noise.

Craig Johnston, VP of Aavid Thermal, says that, due to time-to-market pressures, the simplest thermal solution is a fan heat sink. Customers using low cost third-party PC components that restrict air-flow, or have system upgrades pushed beyond the available system cooling capacity, find Aavid’s new active fan heat sinks provide significant cooling. Aavid’s system-level CFD modeling shows that if these types of processors have sufficient air flow in the system, many OEMs will be able to utilize passive, omni-directional heat sinks to provide adequate cooling for the processor at a very low cost.

The new heat sink family includes models for Intel’s Celeron CPU in an SEPP package, as well as passive and fan heat sinks for the Celeron in a 370PPGA package. There are also versions for AMD, Cyrix, IDT, and Rise Technology.

Aavid’s new fan heat sink features a method of attachment that does not require tools for assembly. The company supplies the clip with the fan heat sink as a single unit along with pre-applied interface material.

In OEM quantities, the products cost $1.95 to $4.95 per unit.

Additional details are posted at http://www.aavid.com.