Microsoft readies Windows 98 Second Edition

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Microsoft readies Windows 98 Second Edition

Microsoft Corp. has released Windows 98 Second Edition to manufacturing.

Existing Windows 95, Windows 3.1 and first-time Windows customers will pay $109 to buy the new operating system at retail. Street price is expected to approximate the $89 currently charged for Windows 98.

Customers who already have Windows 98 can upgrade to Windows 98 SE for $19.95, plus shipping and handling.

Microsoft will post Windows 98 Second Edition Updates to its Web site in early summer. Later in the summer, Microsoft will supply OEMs with the SE code for preloading on new hardware. Retail packages should hit stores at about the same time.

Windows 98 SE includes the bug fixes and patches Microsoft has made to Windows 98 since it shipped the product last June. The OS also features Internet Explorer 5; NetMeeting 3 conferencing software; Internet Connection Sharing, home networking technologies that allow multiple home PCs to share files, printers and a single Internet connection; and improved support for Universal Serial Bus, IEEE 1394 and ACPI.

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