Wedge notebook flips into a projection panel

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Wedge notebook flips into a projection panel

Wedge Technology Inc.’s ShowBIZ 9000P notebook PC features a video display that converts to a projection panel.

The ShowBIZ also features a proprietary cable that allows users to bridge video or images stored on other notebook PCs, as well as digital projection systems.

The notebook’s 14.1″ XGA TFT display allows any image, application or video running on the ShowBIZ 9000P to be projected up to 6 feet high – eliminating the need for a separate projection system when the unit is used along with an overhead projector.

The $3,495 system ships with Intel’s 300MHz Pentium II Mobile Module CPU, 64MB of RAM, a removable 4GB hard drive, and 8MB SGRAM video memory with AGP 2X.

The system also includes a 3D full-duplex sound system with built-in microphone and stereo speakers, removable 1.44MB floppy drive, a removable DVD-ROM drive, USB port, Zoomed Video port, Card Bus support, heat dissipating cooling fan, and smart Li-Ion battery with charger/AC adapter.

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