Diamond releases new graphics board

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Diamond releases new graphics board

Beginning next week, Diamond Multimedia Systems will begin shipping its newest graphics accelerator, the Stealth III S540.

Based on S3’s Savage4 processor, the Stealth III S540 graphics board features 32MB of on-board memory, Intel-validated AGP 4x support, S3 texture compression (S3TC) and hardware-accelerated digital video playback.

A 16MB-version of the Stealth III S540 is available for system integrators and OEMs.

The Stealth III S540 incorporates a 128-bit 2D/3D engine and is capable of achieving clock speeds of 143MHz. It can perform single-pass multi-texturing, 32-bit rendering, up to 1920-by-1440 resolution support, and stencil buffering.

The new board will retail for $129.95 and also can be purchased from Diamond’s online store at www.diamondmm.com/where-to-buy/online-store. Customers who purchase the board will also receive two full-version PC games of their choice.