IBM introduces sub-$1000 mini CE notebook

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IBM introduces sub-$1000 mini CE notebook

Notebook users now have the option of purchasing a 2.2-pound black mini notebook, running the Windows CE operating system, from IBM.

The Workpad z50 is powered by a 131MHz processor with 15MB of RAM. It has a keyboard that is 95 percent the size of standard notebook PCs and an 8″ screen. It also comes with a 33.6 kbps modem, a serial port, speaker, microphone and infrared port.

According to IBM officials, the $999 price tag was chosen to target corporate customers, who could place such a purchase in the expense category, rather than as capital equipment.

The z50 is optimized for network conectivity with IBM’s Mobile Connect client software to synchronize with Lotus Notes Domino or Microsoft Exchange.

Information about IBM and its products is available at


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