I/O controller may lower mobile PC costs

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I/O controller may lower mobile PC costs

Standard Microsystems Corp. has introduced a notebook I/O controller that integrates various I/O, keyboard, and system management functions onto one chip.

Called the FDC37N972, the device comes in a 208-pin TQFP or BGA package and is an enhancement to SMSC’s current notebook I/O architecture. SMSC expects that the new chip will reduce the overall cost of materials and system development while simultaneously maximizing board space for notebook computers.

In particular, the FDC37N972 has found support with BIOS vendors such as Phoenix, AMI and Insyde. The vendors say integration of key functions within the FDC37N972 will improve the time-to-market for BIOS development.

Samples of the FDC37N972 in the TQFP package are available immediately, while samples in the BGA package will be available in early July.

More information about SMSC can be found at www.smsc.com.


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