Micron notebook delivers big screen experience

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Micron notebook delivers big screen experience

Micron Electronics Inc. is offering a new high-end mobile PC with a 15″ screen, the largest size available for a notebook computer.

The Transport NX notebook features Intel’s latest Pentium II processors, an 8MB ATI Rage Pro LT graphics processor, and up to 28GB of hard disk storage.

The NX comes with a removable internal hard drive and a choice of either a CD-ROM or DVD drive. The laptop’s multi-use bay can house an additional hard drive – up to 14GB – a second battery, a Zip drive, an LS 120 drive, or a floppy.

The notebook’s PC Card expansion slot allows simultaneous installation of Type III (double-high) and Type II cards. The NX has two USB ports, TV-In and TV-Out, and a MIDI/game port. A docking device is also available for the notebook.

When loaded with a floppy drive, hard drive, CD-ROM drive, and battery, the NX weighs 8.3 pounds.

Pricing for the Transport NX ranges from $2899 to $3699. Details about the product and available models can be found at Micron’s web site, www.micronpc.com.


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