Steve Jobs to lay out Apple OS "road map"

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Steve Jobs to lay out Apple OS "road map"

Apple’s interim CEO Steve Jobs kicks off the annual Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference with an overview of Apple’s software “roadmap,” including the first in-depth look at the company’s next-generation operating system.

The charismatic CEO will be joined by Avie Tevanian, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering.

The big question: Will Jobs finally unveil Apple’s sought-after consumer portable? The P1, as it’s being called in development, will be as curvaceous as the iMac – but will it be as successful?

A live webcast of the Jobs keynote will be carried Monday at 9:30 AM Pacific Time (12:30 PM Eastern) on ZDTV Radio. The 24-hour technology-oriented audio newscast is carried on the web at

The rebroadcast will be made available later in the day at


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