19" display offers "on-the-fly" GTF switching

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19" display offers "on-the-fly" GTF switching

ViewSonic Corp. has introduced a 19″ E790 monitor with VESA General Timing Format (GTF) compliance.

GTF features enable the display to predict image size and position, allowing “on-the-fly” switching of resolutions and refresh rates.

Users benefit by reducing their setup time and maximizing the performance of the image display by properly sizing and centering the full image.

Also available in a black case, the E790B can provide up to 25 percent more viewable area than a traditional 17″ monitor. The monitor offers 0.26mm dot pitch and flicker-free 1280-by-1024 resolution at 88Hz.

The E790B is currently available for $525.

ViewSonic’s web site is at http://www.viewsonic.com.