Actius UltraLite adds muscle, non-glare screen

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Actius UltraLite adds muscle, non-glare screen

Sharp Electronics has upgraded it’s Actius UltraLite notebook, adding more power and a non-glare screen to the svelte portable.

The third-generation Actius is still only one” thick and weighs less than three pounds, yet packs a punch. The A250 – equipped with Intel’s 300MHz Mobile Pentium II PE Processor, 64MB of SDRAM (expandable to 128MB) and a 6.4GB hard drive – offers increased performance, mobility and flexibility from the previous model.

The Actius A250 adds a new non-glare and low-reflective design to its 11.3″ SVGA active matrix TFT screen. The screen, which shows more than 16 million colors, is the largest screen available in the three-pound notebook class.

The Actius A250 also offers a built-in 10Base-T and a 100Base-TX LAN that gives users simple connectivity in the office. The A250 includes a dual-mode ITU V.90/ K56Flex software upgradeable modem, keeping the unit’s PC card slot available for other applications.

The Actius A250 has an estimated retail price of $2,499. Full specs for the product can be found online at