SOYO trio supports Celeron

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SOYO trio supports Celeron

SOYO Inc. has announced three new Intel Celeron motherboards which support Socket 370 CPUs up to 500MHz and feature the 810, or “Whitney,” chipset.

The SY-7IWA (ATX footprint), SY-7IWB (Baby AT), and SY-7IWM (MicroATX) motherboards feature on-board 2x/1x AGP mode, integrated video cache memory with 4MB of SDRAM, and a Digital Flat Panel interface. All the boards have an on-board digital audio controller and support 3D sound.

The boards’ BIOS allows for customization of the motherboard and PCI clock speed without jumper switches, so that systems can be tuned for desired performance levels. Each board offers 16 FSB/PCI bus frequencies in the 66MHz to 100 MHz range.

The boards are expected to retail at about $100 each, with volume discounts available. More information on SOYO products can be found at