Logitech ships WingMan gaming mouse

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Logitech ships WingMan gaming mouse

Logitech is now shipping its WingMan Gaming Mouse.

CompUSA and Buy.com are offering the product in a $39.95 bundle that includes a full version of Shogo:Mobile Armor Division from Monolith Productions.

Mice are the most frequently used of all computer game controllers, and many game genres, such as real-time strategy and role-playing, require that a mouse be used almost constantly.

First-person shooter games and many vehicle simulations also can be played using joysticks, but most players find a mouse-plus-keyboard configuration to be more effective, according to Logitech. In games such as this, mice are typically used for steering, or for aiming and firing, and thus have a direct impact on gamer performance.

The 3-button WingMan Gaming Mouse was designed to meet the needs of competitive gamers and features an extremely fast report rate. The higher the report rate, the more often and accurately the mouse sends its position and button status to the host computer.

When used with its integrated USB interface, the mouse reports more than 120 times per second. When connected via the included PS/2 adapter, the user can select report rates as high as 200 times per second with the included Logitech MouseWare software. This is up to five times faster than standard PS/2 and serial interface mice.

The result is immediate on-screen response that allows gamers to aim or steer more quickly and precisely, and shoot faster.

More information is available at http://www.logitech.com.