Creative strikes back

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Creative strikes back

In a move that is raising eyebrows in the PC graphics industry, multimedia hardware maker Creative Technology Ltd. has revealed a technology it hopes will eliminate a key advantage of rival 3dfx Interactive Inc.

The new technology, dubbed Unified, will allow games written to run on 3dfx graphics accelerators to also run on competing boards made by Creative.

The technology camouflages Creative Tech’s graphics board, emulating a 3dfx board. Unified, which is in beta testing, currently runs only on chips made by 3dfx rival Nvidia Inc.

Naturally, 3dfx officials condemned the Unified emulator.

“It’s a desperate move by a desperate company,” said Michael Howse, 3dfx vice president of worldwide marketing.

3dfx is studying the maneuver, however, wondering whether to ingnite a legal battle.

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