AvantGo web-enables handheld PCs

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AvantGo web-enables handheld PCs

AvantGo Inc. has launched a free Web-enabling service, called AvantGo.com, which delivers Web content to handheld computers such as those based on the Palm Computing and Microsoft Windows CE platforms.

AvantGo.com helps Web-based content and applications designed for the desktop move onto a mobile platform without having to custom-code the application for a specific device. The company hopes that the service will function as a “wireless portal,” much as services like AOL function as a desktop portal. AvantGo’s new service supports access to the entire Web, optimized websites, and personal and enterprise applications.

AvantGo’s software compresses data before transferring it to the handheld device, thus keeping download time short and minimizing memory use on the device itself. When a reload is requested, the software compares the new data with existing information and only reloads what is needed.

For now, AvantGo.com is a free service. However, the company expects to collect a transaction fee in the future for the service.

As the name implies, information about the service can be found at http://avantgo.com.