Riva TNT2 aces benchmarking

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Riva TNT2 aces benchmarking

The Riva TNT2 graphics processor designed by Nvidia Corp. took top marks in 2D and 3D tests conducted by Mercury Research Inc., an Arizona research and consulting firm.

Mercury Research reported results of 2D and 3D processors using Ziff Davis’ WinBench ’99 test and 3DMark ’99 by Futuremark. The benchmarks were measured on a system based on a 500MHz Pentium II and ASUS motherboard.

The Riva TNT2 products received the top two spots in the 3D WinBench `99 and 3DMark `99 benchmark tests, as well as the top spot in the 2D WinBench benchmark test. Details of the results can be found at www.mercuryresearch.com.