Toshiba boasts industry’s smallest chip size

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Toshiba boasts industry's smallest chip size

Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc. has announced 128- and 144-mbit Rambus DRAM, bringing the two largest commercially-available RDRAM capacities to the smallest chips yet.

With its new devices, Toshiba combines Rambus performance advantages with its 0.2-micron lithography to create the industry’s smallest 128Mb and 144Mb devices at only 103mm and 114mm, respectively.

Both the 128Mb device, with a x16 configuration, and the 144Mb device, with x18 configuration, are available in 600MHz, 700MHz and 800MHz speeds to support PC600, PC700 and PC800 applications, respectively.

Samples of these new memory devices have been shipped to Rambus Inc. for testing and will soon be available to customers in module form.

These advanced memory ICs are intended for use in high-performance computers using the Rambus main memory system, which provides peak data transfer rates of 1.6GB per second, or two to three times as fast as today’s widely used 100MHz Synchronous DRAM.

Toshiba forecasts that by the year 2001, the RDRAM segment will grow to approximately a 50 percent share of the main memory market.

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