Agfa introduces SnapScan Touch scanner

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Agfa introduces SnapScan Touch scanner

Agfa Corp.’s Desktop Products Group has announced the SnapScan Touch, a USB-compatible flat-bed scanner for home and small/office environments.

The SnapScan Touch incorporates a simple-to-use push-button system for scanning directly into e-mail, fax or to a printer.

On the right side of the scanner is its touchpad, which supplies the user with options to email, fax or copy directly from the scanner at the press of a button. Each button can be set to the option most desired by the user – and switched at any time.

The Agfa scanner is desiged as a “hybrid peripheral” – able to perform on both PC or Mac platforms. It also comes with six different translucent color handles, to complement whatever system it is paired with.

The SnapScan Touch has an optical resolution of 600-by-1200 ppi, 36-bit color depth and a scanning area of 8.5 by 11.7 inches.

In $129 the SnapScan Touch will be available in June through U.S. retailers.

Product and company information can be found on Agfa’s home page at