World’s smallest, lowest power color VGA screen debuts

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World's smallest, lowest power color VGA screen debuts

Kopin Corp. has introduced the world’s smallest high performance, high resolution, full-color VGA display.

The CyberDisplay 640C is a low cost, light-weight, ultra low power, rugged, solid state active-matrix liquid crystal display measuring 0.38″ diagonal in size.

The display uses 2.7V or 3.3V for logic and 3.0V for video. Kopin’s patented LVV (Low Video Voltage) architecture allows the CyberDisplay 640C to be operated at low video voltage levels compatible with conventional low-voltage CMOS circuits.

The CyberDisplay 640C displays information at 640-by-480, full-color pixel resolution. Operating with color sequential technique, the CyberDisplay 640 presents 307,200 full color pixels for viewing, and at 2,100 lines per inch, is the densest active matrix LCD in the world, according to the company.

In addition to displaying high-resolution text and graphics, the display operates at video speeds and consumes only 30mW of power.

The display is designed for portable battery-operated communications devices and personal information products, including cellular “Internet phones,” wearable and hand-held PC and GPS monitors, head mounted medical instruments, and entertainment and consumer devices such as personal DVD systems and other mobile info-tools, displaying text, graphics, e-mail and video from Internet, and other data or video sources in vivid color.

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