Turtle Beach intros Quadzilla PCI sound card

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Turtle Beach intros Quadzilla PCI sound card

Voyetra Turtle Beach Inc. has unveiled its newest audio accelerator for the PC gaming and consumer audio markets, the $99 Montego II Quadzilla.

The Montego II Quadzilla uses the Vortex 2 chipset, doubling the processing power of the original Montego.

The Montego II also utilizes the new A3D 2.0 API to add Wavetracing technology, which models the acoustic characteristics of a virtual environment via wall reflections and occlusions in real-time. For example, an explosion behind a nearby wall will sound different from the same explosion that occurs across the room or directly overhead.

While the Quadzilla supports four-speaker output, it delivers full 3D functionality with only a single pair of speakers or headphones. It also includes a standard S/PDIF RCA digital output jack for direct-to-digital recording or data transfer.

Other Montego II Quadzilla features include a >97 db signal-to-noise ratio; 18-bit high-resolution converters; DirectSound and DirectSound3D acceleration (96 simultaneous DirectSound audio streams); AC’97, PC’97, and PC’98 compatibility; support for legacy DOS-based games; 64 hardware-based wavetable voices, with an additional 256 voices available via software synthesis (4 MB upgradeable sample set); and a hardware-based, 10 band graphic equalizer.

For more information, visit http://www.tbeach.com.