Mobile Pentium winds up to 366MHz

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Mobile Pentium winds up to 366MHz

With this 366MHz processor, Intel is also introducing the new Micro PGA (Pin Grid Array) processor packaging, which offers more flexibility to system manufacturers and can help them reduce inventory costs.

Both the 440MX and 440ZX chipsets are designed for mobile Celeron processor-based notebooks. The 440ZX is Intel’s first low cost mobile chipset that adds support for AGP, bringing higher quality graphics to the mobile Value PC market segment. The 440MX chipset offers an integrated one-chip design, as well as support for “soft” audio and modem features.

Slightly larger than a postage stamp, the new Micro PGA packaging consists of the processor and a tiny socket, which combined measure only 32mm by 37mm, and less than 6mm in height.

The 366MHz mobile Intel Celeron is priced at $170 per unit in 1,000 unit quantities. The 440MX and 440ZX chipsets are priced at $22.35 and $26 per unit respectively, in 10,000 unit quantities. Complete performance information for this and other Intel mobile processors is posted at


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