Matsushita, Nintendo to network home electronics

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Matsushita, Nintendo to network home electronics

The companies say recent developments in digital networking technologies will allow consumers to enjoy a range of new services based on the convergence of technologies for broadcasting, telecommunications and storage media. Developments have made it possible to inexpensively provide advanced image data service using high performance computer graphics.

From its game console products, Nintendo brings expertise in computer graphics, large-capacity data storage recording media and networking capabilities.

Matsushita will draw from its previous development and introduction of digital products, such as DVD players, set-top boxes, video cameras, cellular phones and telecommunications and broadcast systems.

The two companies will collaborate on convergence products that incorporate next-generation game machine and Digital audio-video technologies. Matsushita will develop and supply the DVD media and the drive devices for the next-generation Nintendo game machine.

Information on Matsushita and its Panasonic division is posted at



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