Extreme Mountain Biking cycles onto PC

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Extreme Mountain Biking cycles onto PC

Headgames Publishing has created the first-ever mountain bike simulation game for the PC.

“Extreme Mountain Biking” is now available for biking enthusiasts who want to race in various cycling events.

Players can choose one of eight different bicycles made by Trek to pedal through 15 different courses with unique obstacles. The cycling can occur during trials, single track, gate racing, and downhill modes.

The trials allow players to try jumps and tricks to accumulate points. Players in gate racing compete against a single opponent to get to the bottom of a track without missing any gates along the way. The downhill event does not require players to stick to a particular trail during the race. Finally, in the single track event, players compete against four computer-controlled opponents.

The game is available for a suggested retail price of $24.95. More information about HeadGames Publishing can be found at http://www.headgames.net.


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