Viper V770 scores Compaq design win

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Viper V770 scores Compaq design win

Compaq now includes the Viper V770 32MB graphics accelerator, made by Diamond Multimedia Systems, as the upgrade graphics solution for Prosignia desktop 330 systems.

Based on the 550MHz Pentium III, Compaq Prosignia 330 buyers can now specify the Viper V770 graphics accelerator if they require advanced graphics for applications such as hard-core gaming. The card is powered by NVIDIA’s RIVA TNT2 graphics controller.

Among other features, the board supports single-pass multi-texturing and 32-bit 3D rendering. It also supports resolutions of up to 1920-by-1440 and refresh rates as high as 200Hz for monitors up to 24 inches. The Viper V770 also incorporates the streaming SIMD instructions for the Pentium III.

Details about the configuration and pricing of the Compaq Prosignia 330 machines can be found at