Something old, something blue: IBM’s used PCs

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Something old, something blue: IBM's used PCs

IBM Global Financing is offering a twist on the low-cost PC concept: refurbished computers.

In addition to offering reconditioned PCs complete with monitors, IBM offers salvaged components such as hard drives from the company’s supply of older PCs to let buyers refurbish or assemble their own systems.

Most consumers would probably find it hard to compare a 2-year-old IBM PC based on a 133MHz Pentium processor to a brand new PC with a Cyrix 333MHz MII processor. Such a system from a low-cost maker such as eMachines Inc. would be priced at only about $100 more than the old IBM desktop. However, many of the buyers are large or mid-size corporations that want the older technology because it matches other systems already deployed to their workforce, and simplifies their internal technical support issues.

IBM PCs based on 133MHz or 166MHz Pentiums and ThinkPads are fast sellers. For example, IBM is offering a package of 10 refurbished 133MHz Pentium desktops for $3,990. Also available are slightly older desktop PCs using 75MHz, 90MHz and 100MHz Pentiums.

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