ePhoto camera shoots higher

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ePhoto camera shoots higher

A new version of Agfa Corp.’s ePhoto digital camera, the ePhoto 780C, delivers fast point and shoot performance – only one and a half seconds per image.

Housed in a metallic blue case with a 350,000-pixel CCD sensor, the ePhoto 780C camera captures images up to an XGA resolution of 1024-by-768. Lower resolutions of 640-by-480 and 320-by-240 are also available.

A 2MB SmartMedia card can store between 12 and 96 images at a time. These images can be loaded on a computer or viewed on a television. Agfa’s PhotoGenie technology enhanges images as they are downloaded onto the computer. Once there, consumers can use the PhotoWise software application to organize the images.

The ePhoto 780C camera will be available in June for an estimated price of $199. The software is available for both the PC and the Mac.

For more information, see www.agfahome.com.