Toshiba desktop line: "Our brand or yours?"

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Toshiba desktop line: "Our brand or yours?"

Toshiba America Information Systems has launched the 3200 series of commercial desktop computers, offering resellers a name-brand PC that can be custom-configured at prices comparable to an “unbranded” PC.

Resellers also can co-label the system and add value through third-party hardware, software and services.

Toshiba gives resellers the ability to set their own margins and profitability by keeping its estimated street prices unpublished.

Based on a flexible “build-to-order” model that includes hundreds of configurations, available options include 400MHz Pentium IIs to 550MHz Pentium IIIs, up to 128MB of memory, 6GB to 12.9GB hard drives, CD-ROM drives, modem and NIC cards, and a choice of Microsoft operating systems including Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT.

Starting June 7, 1999, Toshiba’s 3200 series will be offered to resellers, VARs and dealers exclusively through leading distributors.

More information on the products and distribution terms is posted at